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Elevate your menu and kitchen with the freshest and locally grown ingredients

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Benefit from direct to kitchen ingredients to enhance the quality of your dishes and treat your customer to the local’s best

We understand the importance of providing quality ingredients for your restaurant menu. We are committed to offering farm-fresh produce and natural ingredients that are guaranteed to meet your taste and texture requirements.

Buying fresh produce directly from a local farmer supports the local economy and helps farmers have more stability in their businesses. Additionally, you can be sure that the produce you are getting is fresh, as it was just harvested, and that it hasn’t been sprayed with any toxic chemicals or fertilizers. Furthermore, purchasing directly from the farmer also allows you to better understand where your food is coming from and gives you an opportunity to build relationships with local farmers so that you can learn more about their growing practices. Finally, buying produce directly from a farmer usually costs less than buying it from a grocery store, making it an economically savvy move for restaurants and chefs.

Local Farms are knowledgeable about the best way to preserve the freshness of our ingredients, so you can be sure that every dish you serve is made with only the highest quality food available. We also have a wide selection of specialty items that will help you create unique and delicious dishes your customers will love, grown from the rich and beautiful Blue Mountains climate.

We believe in helping our partners succeed, which is why we offer seasonal ranges with flexible delivery options at a price that benefits both farmer and kicthen. We can work with you to customize an order that fits your needs – no matter how small or large it may be.

Talk to us at Harvest Farms about how we can help your menu and restaurant – from finding the perfect produce. With Harvest Farms quality in your offering, you know you’re supporting local businesses such as yourself and supporting the community your customers live in!


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