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We are looking to significantly reduce our herd size as we are moving to a new property. Our stud buck, Zodiac Quinn (aka The Mighty Quinn or Quincy Quince Paste), has been super easy to handle and I love him dearly but need to move him on. He is:
DNA tested
show quality
beautiful colouring (amazing looking kids)
Great blood lines

We have 8 high %ND does that have just been joined by him and should kid by July (no guarantees on that, though). We have DNA verification on some and DNA parent verification on all. Most have blue eyes, for some reason this makes the kids really easy to sell. Most are show quality if you would like to take them to shows. 2 are just over height for shows at 58cm. 4 of them are used to being field milked without stocks and produce exceptional quality milk. Bred for high % milk fat it’s great for making cheese and soaps.

All goats have been used in a holistic management system to control weeds, improve soil and biodiversity. For most of their lives they have been moved to fresh pasture every 3 days or shepherded through the mountain. We have found this breaks the parisit cycle and keeps them healthier. The herd will follow you if you intend to work with them this way.

At the moment I have them in a set stock paddock and so have put them on bioworm. Please don’t ask me to drench them. If you would like to do this the process is cheap and easy to do yourself. Besides the buck all have horns as this breed is not aggressive and I regularly have them with small children with no worries.

We have 13 Boer goats that have also just been joined with Quinn (tecniqually) and could be a good option for people looking to get into breeding. Also high % milkfat

Please note, if you do not have other goats or at least other farm animals we only sell our goats in pairs as they are a pack animal and need company. You will need a Property Identification Code (PIC) and hence a paddock or fairly big yard for them to run around in. The PIC application only takes a few minuets to do online.



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  1. Annette RM

    Aaron is so knowledgeable and passionate about Community Supported Agriculture. His tours are always engaging and educational. Highly recommended (including for kids – mine love visiting “Aaron’s Farm”)

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