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Please note, if you do not have other goats or at least other farm animals we only sell our goats in pairs as they are a pack animal and need company. You will need a Property Identification Code (PIC) and hence a paddock or fairly big yard for them to run around in. The PIC application only takes a few minuets to do online.



Our herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats are moved onto fresh pasture every 2-3 days in a management system that allows them to stay away from their own manure before parasites hatch.

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Apple, Arthur, Beady, Baba ganoush, Jean, Comfrey, Fern

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  1. Annette RM

    Aaron is so knowledgeable and passionate about Community Supported Agriculture. His tours are always engaging and educational. Highly recommended (including for kids – mine love visiting “Aaron’s Farm”)

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