Harvest Farms Tours

Organic Farm Experiences

ORGANIC Farm Tours

For Adults, Children and Families

Offering rich insights into living and farming in the picturesque Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury National Park regions.

Explore and interact with our 23 diverse crops and taste the difference in the produce we supply to local retail stores and fine dining restaurants across Greater Sydney.

The tour runs for 1.5hrs as follows;

Introduction to our farm and discussion about food systems. Why we sell directly to our customers & the importance of being connected to your farmer.

Demonstration of our composting and worm farm systems. Learn about our Circular Economy & how we divert tonnes of food waste to grow produce. Understand benefits of organic fertilisers & biological stimulants over artificial chemicals.

Tour of our vegetable gardens, perennial flower beds and natural systems farming. Learn about beneficial insects and microorganisms in the soil that hold water & draw carbon from the atmosphere.

Orchard walk and discussion about our orchard restoration project. See our grafted heirloom varieties of apples that we are preserving and sustaining for the future.

Children & School GROUP EXCURSIONS

For students and teachers interested in farm visits and educational experiences.

A Kids To Farms Program:
A Federal Government funded program aimed to increase engagement between primary school students and NSW agriculture.

Explore our scenic 30-acre farm & orchard with your students and learn about the importance of environmental restorative agriculture.

Kids to Farms Logo
Kids to Farms Logo

During their visit to Harvest Farms,
students will;

Explore the different vegetable gardens and learn the characteristics and needs of different vegetables and fruit, followed by a harvesting and tasting session.

Visit our huge worm farms, hold a worm, and understand why we need them. Learn about insects and why some are so beneficial and others are not.

Be educated about sustainable farming practices and the paddock to plate philosophy – where our food goes after harvest and the importance of growing food, flowers and plants in a sustainable restorative farm environment.

Understand how food waste can be reduced and used to improve soil health.

Breathe in the fresh mountain air, laugh, play, and immerse themselves in nature while learning about different cycles.

Kids to Farms Logo
  • 10.30am – 2pm. Transportation (bus) provided if required.

Our K-6 excursions align with the NSW Science and Geography curriculum and support the NSW Wellbeing Framework for Schools within the Govt-led Kids to Farms Project.

Kids to Farms Excursion program. Children learning about soil at Harvest Farms.
Image of Aaron from Harvest Farms with kids from the Kids to Farms excursion program

Connect to country through our
hands-on, explorative learning
excursions and tours.

Our tours are currently open for bookings this season. Click the link below to view our upcoming dates and secure yourself and your friends a spot.